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House of Horses Helsinki

House of Horses Helsinki is a Finnish fashion and lifestyle brand. The company was founded in 2017 by Finnish fashion designer Irene Mikaela Häggkvist. Her dream was to design a brand and a collection of clothes that would stand out from the rest in sparkle, color, and shine - as well as trendiness without forgetting practicality. Originally the inspiration for the products came from equestrian fashion. Irene loved horses and she felt like riding clothes were missing something - nowadays the collection is more meant to suit all kinds of occasions - such as sportswear, home, dinner, town, and stable - you name it! All our products have a story or deeper purpose behind them and are designed from the beginning by Irene herself. Our brand is awarded the Design From Finland mark.


We don’t do any seasons but instead we have an on-going collection that varies through the time with new pieces designed and added regularly to our collection.

Our collection is extending all the time and we follow our customer's wishes and feedback carefully. This is very convenient to our retailers too as you don’t have to sell the old collection in the sales at the end of the season! We’ll keep our bestsellers in the collection all the time. 

We don't have MOQ's which makes your business less risky and much more carefree! :)

All the HoH products are produced responsibly in Turkey, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and China.

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We have retailers all around the world, if you are interested please feel free contact us - we'd be glad to tell you more!

Terms&Conditions Rest of the world

Small invoice surcharge

All orders under 100€ will now be subject to a small invoice surcharge (25€). 

Want to avoid the surcharge? We recommend ordering through our retail store! It’s easy, and we won’t add any surcharges to your order there. You can pay your order directly through the website, as well.

Shipping fees
We have updated our shipping fees for retailers in the EU and the rest of the world. Your shipping rate is determined on a per box basis, depending on the value of your order. Please check the list below for up-to-date information. 

Shipping EU Standard (TRUCK) (0€-499€): 35€

Shipping EU Plus (TRUCK) (+500€): 25€

Shipping EU Express (AIR) (faster shipping): 60€

Shipping Rest of the world Standard (0€-499€): 100€

Shipping Rest of the world Plus (500€-999€): 80€

Shipping Rest of the world Superior (+1000€): 60€These shipping rates are also applicable to pre-ordered items.

Any questions? You can always send us an email at - we would love to help!

Terms&Conditions Finland


Kaikkiin alle 100€ tilauksiin lisätään nykyään pienlaskutuslisä (25€).

Jos haluat välttää pienlaskutuslisän, tee tilaus jälleenmyyjien verkkokaupassa! Voit maksaa tilauksen suoraan verkkokaupan kautta, eikä siihen lisätä laskutuslisiä.


Tarjoamme kaikille suomalaisille jälleenmyyjille 2% kassa-alennuksen, kun maksat tilauksesi ennakkoon verkkokaupassa. Tämä on siis jo toinen erinomainen syy hyödyntää jälleenmyyjien verkkokauppaa! 

Näin aktivoit kassa-alennuksen: käytä koodia cashdiscount kassalla, ja alennus aktivoituu automaattisesti.

Kassa-alennus koskee myös laskuja, jos maksat laskun heti: ilmoitathan meille, jos haluat maksaa verkkokauppatilauksesi laskulla, niin lisäämme 2% kassa-alennuksen.


Päivitimme myös toimituskulut Suomen sisäisiin tilauksiin. Löydät päivitetyt hinnat alapuolelta. Otathan huomioon, että toimitusmaksu peritään jokaisesta lähetettävästä paketista. 

Shipping FIN Standard (0€-500€): 15€

Shipping FIN Plus (500€-999€): 10€

Shipping FIN Express (+1000€): ILMAINEN  

Ennakkotilaustuotteiden toimitus lasketaan hinnaston mukaan.

Mikäli ehdoista herää kysymyksiä, ethän epäröi ottaa meihin yhteyttä osoitteessa Autamme mielellämme!

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