The Story


House of Horses Helsinki brand was founded in Finland by Irene Häggkvist. It all started with an idea, dream and a hoodie and just like that House of Horses Helsinki was born. A brand with a promise in comfort and high quality.

Inspired by horses & fashion

We are always inspired by the love of horses and fashion. <3 We wanted to create high quality lifestyle clothes, not just for stables but also for the magical moments of everyday life.

Clothes that fit different body types and also bring a little colors to our everyday life. We designed clothes that are sporty and girly and most importantly - something that will boost your confidence!

A little sparkles in our lives

All of us need a little sparkles in our lives which is why we have a little piece of just that!

All the designs are our own and the brand is run by a girl power team Helsinki, Finland. House of Horses Helsinki™ is a registered trademark and granted the Design From Finland mark.