What To Do If You Can’t Ride

Right now the most difficult part of quarantine for me is not being able to ride, because every day out of the saddle is a day spent without improving my riding or my horsemanship skills. During this time spent without horses, I have been doing some things that make me feel like my horsemanship and riding skills are improving.

1. Watching riding and horsemanship related videos on platforms like WeHorse. There are many free tutorial and how-to videos on YouTube too!

2. Taking online courses related to horse care; such as Equine Nutrition and Equine First Aid.

3. If you own a horse, but can’t ride you can still have a good time with your horse and improve your relationship and bond by getting into liberty work and groundwork!

4. Doing rider specific exercises and stretches to prepare myself for the next rides! Now is a good time to fix any imbalance I have had! I know my horse will thank me later!

5. Watching horse related movies and TV series on Netflix!

These 5 tips could help you go through this no-riding period! And remember to always stay positive, we got this! 💕

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