My Journey to Finding a new Four-Legged Friend - Part 2/2

Hey everyone,

Welcome to part 2 of Witha's story! Are you interested how the story will continue? What do you think will happen? Have fun reading!

The day of the vet check I drove to the stable very early to spend some time with her and brush and clean her a little. I was very nervous, because I feared that she would have issues like a  tendency for kissing spines or bone chips in the legs for example. I decided only to take her I she was fully healthy, without any issues that could cause prospective health problems.

The beginning went very well, the flexion test was fine, but then the vet auscultated her during resting time and after she had been lunged. She was completely shocked as well as she told everyone that she suspected a heart problem. This obviously meant that I would not be able to buy her. The owners made an appointment in a horse clinic which employs an expert in cardiology.

To be honest, my hopes were vanished and I did not believe that there was any chance left to be able to make Witha mine. l slowly started to look around for alternatives on ehorses. But deep dow I had already finalized my decision. I only wanted to have Witha.

After days of waiting the results finally came back. And they turned out to be positive! Her heart was completely fine and I was extremely happy. But this was not the end. Because we had not finished the vet check the last time…. The X-Ray results for all four legs and the spine were still outstanding. Another week of waiting…. But once again we were lucky! The vet said she had rarely seen such good x-rays.

Finally, the searching and waiting had an end and I could officially buy Witha. I know there will be a lot of work involved with such a young horse but I am very excited of what the future will bring.

The day my mum and I brought Witha home, I was very nervous and excited. We had prepared the stall the previous day and bought a new halter and blankets. Sadly nothing fit from our previous horse. We almost had a 3 hour drive before we arrived. The purchase contract was finalized and we toasted with Witha´s (now previous) owners who were extremely happy about us buying her. The drive back home was uneventful. Witha was so quiet, sometimes I feared we did not even take her with us.

I have never seen a 5-year old horse as laid-back as Witha. She settled down immediately. She already laid in her stall the first night. We were by ourselves when I first showed her the racetrack and the outside riding arenas. I am curious if she will stay that way or if she is going to change during puberty. At the moment I am not riding her a lot, I also lunge her or we go on walks. I will be working extensively on building muscle and the positioning and bending. Another goal is to go on a hack, so we will be able to go on rides by ourselves as soon as possible. But the priority is to try to accustom her to her new home and make her understand that I will be her new person.


Thank you for reading! I hope you liked this story. Let us know if you would like to read more updates on Witha!


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