Meet one of our super HoH girls and customers - Minkki! 💖

How it started
I´ve been a dedicated member of the HOH Unicorn Squad from the first time I saw HOH products at a fair a few years ago. My eyes were drawn to the back wall covered with roses and the soft hues of the displayed wardrobe. I remember ending up ordering the Unicorn Grip Leggings both in black and grey and thus started my journey together with HOH. The spirit that the wonderful women of HOH had back then and still have is amazing, and has a huge meaning to me showing positivity and hope, so important throughout the life.
The best thing about HOH
The best thing about the HOH clothes, which I already have plenty,  is that they truly are designed to be worn in every occasion. I can find plenty to wear to work, parties, leisure and of course riding with true comfort in style. You feel in the clothes that Irene, as a designer has given thought and love to the garments. The colour palette is a little bit different, soft yet powerful, I guess a bit like a companionship with a horse. You can make a statement by just being you, wearing soft colors and tassels.
Speaking of tassels: my favourite piece is the Unicorn Squad Sweatshirt. I love it! It has a good fit and it has that something extra that adds to every day. I´m not alone with my feelings, every time I wear it, people make nice comments about it. It is fair to say that the Unicorn Squad Sweatshirt adds sparkle and joy to life!
The value that is important to me is sustainability. HOH collections stand the tests of time, they are fashionable yet classical and a very good durability. So not fast fashion, not this brand.
In the morning, standing before my wardrobe, I know it is always going to be a good day wearing HOH. Preferably from head to toe. 😘
With love,
Minkki Peltonen

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