HoH Shop-in-Shop in Hipposport

HoH Shop-in-Shop in Hipposport

Hi Everyone! I want to tell you about HoH's first shop-in-shop department, which opened in February at the equestrian equipment store Hipposport. 🤩

Hipposport is located in Southern Finland, Espoo. The store is surrounded by a wonderful rustic idyllic landscape with stables. Still, it is only a short distance from Helsinki.

The shop-in-shop concept must take into account the size of the department and how to optimize it. It was very important to make the department compact which combines commercial presentation with the brand image. Even small details matter. ✨

From Hipposport you will find our entire collection - it’s a really cute little HoH store. We are super pleased with the outcome. The wonderful part is that the professional and helpful staff wants to offer their customers experiential shopping experience. Simply love it. 💕 

Lots of love,
Johanna Kujala


sales & marketing 

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