Watch out HOH Lovers... 🔥


We just can’t get enough of puffer jackets! 

After our beloved Babe You Look So Cool Jacket, we are excited to present you the Piaffe Puffer Jacket! This oversized puffer fit has the best of both worlds of our Shine In The Dark and Babe You Look So Cool Jacket: an eye-catching candy pink color combined with shining holographically in the dark!

A jacket by itself is surely not enough to keep you warm during these cold months.

Well, we’ve got you -at least your head- covered! If you are a beanie lover, you will want to take a look at The Sailor of The City Street Beanies. With their delicious colors, these beanies do more than just keeping your head warm; they complete any look that you are going for! Which one is your favorite one?

As much as we love looking good outside, we also like to feel and look while we are home too!

That’s why we came up with the brand new Comfort Zone Collection. A product range like no other from HoH! With its simple look, you can easily combine these pieces with any other item from your wardrobe to wear it outside, or simply lounge in it while staying in. In this collection you will find the Girl Boss Hoodie, Boxy Tee and the The Sailor of The City Streets Beanies!




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