Halfway Through Girl Power Week!

As we have mentioned before, this week we are celebrating girl power week. This concept is especially very important for HoH, because one of our beliefs is empowering each other and women supporting women. 

During this week, we have a special offer, which you might benefit from if you want to freshen up your riding clothes wardrobe -just in time for spring! Until the 8th of March orders over 50 EUR get a pair of FREE “You Sock My World” Socks! 

In case you’re not sure what items to get your hands on and take advantage of this awesome deal, we have some recommendations for you:


  • Gold Me Maybe Anorak: This anorak is your all weather best friend, as it’s wind and waterproof. You can wear it on colder days by adding layers underneath or wear it on warmer days by wearing less layers. The gold details and the color palette on this anorak is just so dreamy, and hey, you get a pair of “You Sock My World” Socks when you buy this anorak! 


Tip: Gold Me Maybe Anorak + Unicorn Grip Leggings in Grey+ You Sock My World Socks = Dreamy Combination! 



  • Ludvig Verde & Marie Antoinette Mauve Velvet Saddle Pads: These dreamy saddle pads came in stock recently and they are absolutely our favorite saddle pads! Regardless of your horse’s color, he or she will look great with either one of the colors! The velvet is very soft and feels very luxurious. These saddle pads were made in Italy, so the quality of them is nothing short of the best! 


  • La Vie en Rose Denim Jacket: Recent addition to our beloved La Vie en Rose line, this denim jacket is the perfect jacket for spring! You can complete the look with a La Vie en Rose Hoodie underneath!


Tip: La Vie en Rose Denim Jacket + La Vie en Rose Nordic Limited Edition Hoodie complement each other so well! It’s probably one of our favorite combinations! 



So, happy Girl Power Week, and remember, our Girl Power Week offers are valid only until the 8th! Let’s continue to lift and empower one another, because women who support other women go far! 

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