Designer’s autumn inspiration 2021

  • Light

Autumn just before winter is the darkest time especially here in Finland. Yet there’s something really beautiful in the darkness and how you can find glimpses of light in it. I love our Shine in the Dark collection because it’s functional and at the same time really cool and adds a bit sparkle to your wardrobe. It has been our bestseller for over two years and this winter we will introduce something very HoH to it - spice it up with PINK! The new Piaffe Puffer jacket is something I designed one dark evening and I’m especially proud of it - it has many core values of HoH in it.


  • Comfort

Comfort is one of the key factors in HoH. Especially in the autumn I’m loving huge comfy hoodies, I basicly live in them the whole winter time. For this autumn I wanted to design something very minimalistic and super comfortable and oversized. So the Comfort Zone capsule collection was born! If you will buy one hoodie this winter - this collection has the perfect hoodie that goes to every occasion. I’m especially pleased with the rose gold details and super soft material - also we will introduce organic cotton for the first time in HoH collection.


  • Lavender & Pink & rose gold combined to black

This winter I wanted to introduce some lavender tones in the Comfort Zone collection and of course pink in the form of rose gold. Black gives a beautiful base for these candy colors. Black and rose gold you can find also from our new To the Stars riding leggings with our logo unicorn grips. They have also belt loops and pockets with zippers - both handy while riding or out and about.


  • 90’s minimalism

As recently our hoodies have had big flashy embroideries (like the bestseller La Vie En Rose collection) this time I wanted to go minimalistic with the logos and embroideries. The Comfort Zone collection introduces a tiny HoH coin with our logo - in gold and rose gold. I was inspired by the 90’s minimalistic trend which is also very handy as the garments last time. Our new hoodies can even be worn with heels in the evening as the details are so subtle! Just pair them with flashy accessories and you are ready to go.


  • Stories

I love stories and history, many of our products are inspired by some past events of personalities like “Marie Antoinette Mauve saddle pads” or “Ludvig Verde saddle pads” - even the La Vie en Rose collection has it’s name from the famous song of Edith Piaf “La vie en rose” (which was also in the A star is born movie sang by Lady Gaga) This time I got inspired by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who was a French naval officer, explorer, scientist, photographer, author and researcher who studied the sea and all forms of life in water. He always wore a red beanie - therefore our pastel colored beanies were named “Sailor of the City Streets beanie” - as we wander trough the city streets not sea, but carry the same attitude and passion like Jacques-Yves.

  • Equestrianism and Horse Girl Power and attitude

Always. All the horse girls and horses are a continuous inspiration to me <3



Hope you enjoy our new models!






Founder, designer and CEO of HoH

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