Why The Unicorn Grip Leggings Are My Favorite Riding Leggings

If you’ve been following HoH for a long time, you probably know that the Unicorn Grip Leggings are one of their bestsellers, and with very good reasons. We all want to look good in whatever we wear, and let me tell you these leggings are flattering! The thicker waistband keeps everything together, the 4-way-stretch fabric gives a lot of freedom of movement, yet it covers everything! I wouldn’t be worried about squatting in these leggings, because I know they got my butt covered, literally! The grips are grippy, but not too much. Sometimes riding leggings can have really sticky grips, which feels like you can’t move freely. Apart from all the technical details, these leggings are very stylish! The unicorn grip details are so cute that I get compliments almost every time I’m at the stable! If you’re looking for a pair of leggings for riding and non-riding activities, look no further! They also come in two colors: Grey with pink unicorn grips and black with grey unicorn grips! I personally love both, which is why I have both of the models!

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