The design process of La Vie en Rose Hoodie

Since the beginning of HoH flowers have been a crucial part of our aesthetics. Our store and fair stands always have flower walls and flower bouquets - in pink of course! It has become a signature detail to our brand. Last fall I started visioning a loose fit oversize hoodie that would have some girly details. As big hoodies tend to be very masculine I wanted to bring some feminine touch to it and also an embroidery. My factory contacts in Turkey said they have a really good embroidery machine, so I could start to think what it could be. For weeks the thought stayed in my mind, details like stars, unicorns and ribbons going back and forth.

One evening I watched (for a tenth time maybe..) A Star is Born movie which I love! There Lady Gaga sings the iconic song of the French artist Edith Piaf. La Vie En Rose. I went for a walk with my dog Dolly and when I came back the idea was ready. La Vie En Rose - life full of roses. Something that hits the core of HoH too - it’s a like a positive state of mind and a peaceful place. Though life gets tough you can always enjoy the small things and beauty around you. Now in these Covid-19 times it has been more important than ever - to appreciate friends, family, health and beauty of everyday life. So I came home and draw the hoodie to my iPad Pro. That was the beginning of La Vie en Rose. Our factory in Turkey has done amazing job, you can find the embroidery process from our manufacturing highlights in Instagram too. The hoodies are available for preorders and will be in stock at the end of May, both in grey and pink.

Actually, I have to tell you one other thing too.. The print came so popular that during the summer we will be launching it also on a cap and Tee! Stay tuned 🤩

Lots of Love,


Founder and designer of HoH

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