My Equestrian Bucket List

Have you ever thought about what you really want to do or achieve with your horse? Like competing at a certain show, or going on holiday with your special four legged friend? Or are there any other horse related activities or things you you have always dreamt of doing? I bet everybody has had fantasies or ambitions before. And since bucket lists are a real trend now, why not create your own equestrian list?

Here are some ideas and suggestions, on what horse girls/boys might want to do or achieve:


Own a Horse

Not everybody has the means or is able to have his/her own horse, which is why it remains a dream for many people.


Go on a Riding Holiday

Going on a horse riding related trip just sounds perfect to every horse lover. In Germany for example there are many options for riding holidays. Or have you ever heard about safaris on horseback in Africa? It sounds very intriguing, doesn’t it? If the location is not too far away from home, you might even be able to bring your own horse. 


Live on a Ranch

This is probably such a cliché and also part of the holidays, but deep down, who does not want to experience the real American ranch life? Sitting on horseback all day long, drive cattle and have a bonfire at night. Sounds perfect to me!


See Wild Horses

Isn’t it every girls dream to catch sight of wild horses? See Mustangs or Przewalski's galloping through the prairie? Sounds like a wonderful experience to me.


Go on a Beach Ride

Photos of beach rides always look so dreamy and beautiful and it is so much fun galloping through the water. It is one of my dreams to ride on the beach with own horse one day.


Visit a Major Competition 

I love visiting big competitions and watching the world's top riders do their thing. The competitions of the Global Champions Tour take place all around the world. Watch out for big events near you!


Teach Your Horse Tricks

Groundwork and teaching your horse tricks is a great alternative to riding and strengthening the bond between you and your horse. There are some easy tricks to begin with like teaching your horse to shake its head. But beware: a lot of patience is needed!


Try a New Discipline

You have been riding dressage all your life? Why don’t you try a western saddle or take a jumping lesson? Changes in discipline take some getting used to, but is always a fun experience and widens your equestrian and horse riding horizon. ;)


Watch Your Role Model Compete

Do you have a role model? Mine definitely is Ingrid Klimke. Wouldn't you want to see him/her personally? I always think it is amazing to see my role models ride with my own eyes. It is so inspirational and motivates me to become a better rider.


Take Your Horse to the Next Level

If you are very goal-oriented and you and your horse have the capability, why not try to make progress and develop your skills, so you are able to compete in your next level?




In the end, there are no limits set as to what you write on your very own personal list. It can be just for fun or goal-oriented. It is completely up to you. I hope this helped you to collect some ideas. Have fun brainstorming!

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