Why Leggings With Grip Is a Must Have

If someone asked me right now which one of my leggings I would keep if I only had to pick one, I would say my grey HoH Unicorn Leggings with grip, and for very good several reasons.

1. Leggings With Grip Gives You Comfort & Function While Riding

These pants are my absolute favorite to wear when I go riding, because when leggings have grips on them, it gives just the right amount of stickiness to the saddle. I still have the freedom of movement I need while getting the feeling of a secure and solid leg position. I hate the feeling of my legs wiggling and sliding around that happens when the grip is not sticky enough and I feel like my position won’t be as good without these leggings with grip! They are also snug and super soft at the same time. Some riding leggings feel like they cut off blood circulation, which makes you want to just take them off! With HoH Leggings I can go all day from the stable to the gym and to meet my friends at a cafe!


Leggings with grip are perfect for riding


2. The Thick & Stretchy Waistband

The waistband on these HoH Leggings are perfect, because I’m the type of person who likes to tuck their top in while riding for a neat and smart look. Because the waistband is thick enough, the tops don’t bulge from the sides and holds everything together in place. Also, if I’m feeling a bit bloated the waistband is again there to save the day! You won’t ever feel like you can’t breathe, because there is a great amount of stretch to the waistband; it is really flattering and very comfortable at the same time!

3. The Soft Grey That Matches With Everything

This one is a big one, because who doesn’t like to look cute? These leggings wit grip simply match with everything! My personal favorite items to combine the leggings with are:

- Gold Me Maybe Anorak

- HoH Raincoat in Mint

- La Vie en Rose Army Queen

- You Sock My World Socks

- Babe You Look So Cool Jacket


Leggings with grip goes well with hoodie and raincoat


Tip: Complete the look with  HoH Cap!

While the Grey Unicorn Leggings With Grip  are my favorite pair nowadays, the black one  deserves the same amount of attention! I guess it just comes down to personal preference!

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