Designer Diaries, Summer ´21 trend vibes

  1. Pastels - pink, lavender, pistachio

Pale pink or millennial pink, however you want to call it, will always be the very crucial part of HoH color charts. This summer we will introduce some lavender next to it - we are super excited about it! For an example these socks and many other products will have a dash of lilac in them.

Here’s a mood of colors I made last fall to interpretate the colors for this summer. Pistachio is one of my faves too and it goes along with lavender and pink too. We have pistachio in our bestseller Horsegirl T-shirt and Boxing top that is in sale in our outlet.

Color mood, trends 2021

 2. Denim

Summer is all about denim, I love it! Especially when it’s rough and worn out! Earlier this year we introduced the La Vie en Rose denim jacket which is one of my favorites. It’s made in Istanbul Turkey in a factory specialized in denim works. We might introduce something else from denim too before summer ;) More about it later!

And don’t forget our classic Dance with me Denim jacket

3. 90’s

90’s vibes are very much in fashion now, we have a scrunchie set you can wear in your wrist too to give the ultimate #VSCO girl and 90’s vibe

4. Athleisure wear - comfort, loose fit

This is what HoH is about at it’s core and its mega trendy now. I love to design pieces that go with you all day long and are especially comfy - this is very important! Clothes should support your lifestyle not make your day harder

5. Jersey, hoodies and sweats

Our bestseller hoodie HoH Hoodie (where it all began!) Will get a facelift with pink hood lining and YKK zippers. Also I designed a feminine Ruffle Dreams hoodie, inspired by the ball gowns - idea was to bring a girly touch to street wear (like often in HoH we do ;)

Also we will introduce sweatpants later this year!

6. Details, embroideries

I love embroideries and shiny details! A well made embroidery is like a crown to the product, especially our La vie En Rose collection has beautiful embroideries. We recently introduced Flip my Heart T-shirt for summer, it was an interesting process too as it has flip sequins so you can change the color of the heart by swiping up or down!

La Vie en Rose Collection – House of Horses Helsinki

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