Christmas Shopping at HoH

It's finally the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas!🎄💕
In our Helsinki HQ, we started our Christmas preparation kind of early this year. First in October, we got this huge pink nutcracker, isn't he dope! Not long after, we put up our gorgeous pink Christmas tree that has been all over our social media.😜
We love Christmas because we have a good reason to spread some extra unicorn dust here and there! And hopefully it'll reach you behind the screens as well.✨🦄
For sure, everyone's busy and hustling around when trying to find some great presents. Well, here are a few gift ideas that the recipient will love!❤️
1. Cute & practical accessories
Velvet Scrunchie Set
You Sock My World Socks
HoH x Chilly's Bottle
Crystal Pop Socket
amethyst & rose quartz
shop here (rose quartz)
shop here (amethyst)
2. Knitted gifts for warmth
Sailor of the City Streets Beanie
lavender, off white, baby pink & grey
HoH Heat Gaiters
grey, pink & black
Hug Me Neckwarmer
black, grey & pink
🐴 Psst... Remember your furry friend as well! 🐶
4. Horses & Dogs
PomPom Pullover
pink, mint & yellow
(from 38€)
Crystal Collars
pink, clear, aquamarine, topaz
(from 34€)
Walk With Me Leash
(from 59€)
Pretty Please Bows
lavender, pink & turquoise
(14,90€/pcs) (30€/3pcs set)
Velvet Saddle Pad 
green & mauve
For dressage:
For jumping:
If you still don't know what to buy, a gift card is a go-to gift!🎀
Our Helsinki store at Vuorimiehenkatu 10 is open more frequently during Christmas time. Here's the schedule:
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!❤️
-HoH Team🦄

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