HoH Autotarra
HoH Autotarra

HoH Autotarra

Normaalihinta 4,00€
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Vain 13 kappaletta jäljellä!

Näytä että olet osa HoH yhteisöä! Tämä ihana vaaleanpunainen ja korkealaatuinen tarra on täydellinen asuste autoosi tai mihin vain muualle liimattavaksi!



Get to know us!

Why choose us?

Our collection is constantly growing with our desire to always have a fresh style and along with the feedback we get from our lovely HoH community!

We all have our favorite piece of clothing that we love to throw on whenever possible, because it’s just so cozy and comfortable; House of Horses strives to be that for you! 

Designed in Finland with love.
#designfromfinland #helsinki #houseofhorses

House of Horses Helsinki™ is a registered trademark

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